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CBD Credit credit card processing for in-person or online

Merchant Services to Help Business Owners Sell Their Products and Services



Merchant Account Approvals - High Risk CBD Merchant Accounts 

Obtaining a legitimate, fully featured merchant account has the potential to greatly boost your business, and help you see the full potential that payment processing can offer you. Many processors will turn you down and chances are, you may have tried with other merchant service providers before coming here. We have helped countless businesses like yours with getting merchant accounts and providing their customers with a solution to pay via debit or credit cards for products. Yes, the industry has a higher processing risk, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the ability to work in that industry and make sales to customers who wish to pay with something other than cash.


CBD Merchant Account Quick Approvals Nationwide

When you need a merchant account, one of the things you’ll notice is all the credit card processors that are going to refuse to give you one. It’s a real problem for people who sell CBD edibles, hemp and CBD oil, and other items in most industries. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a problem for you any longer. Waive The Fees will work with you on opening a CBD high risk merchant account and keeping the account alive.

With so many states allowing CBD and recreational use today, the demand for payment processing in this pseudo CBD industry is growing. However, many banks and other financial institutions feel that this industry is too high risk or a damaging to their reputation, so they’re reluctant to handle any type of payment processing for CBD merchants. This has led to a crisis with companies that offer CBD, hemp products, vape equipment and other CBD related options, and then those companies end up frustrated and losing sales.

CBD Merchant Accounts – The Problems

When you need a CBD merchant account, one of the things you’ll notice is all the credit card processors that are going to refuse to give you one. It’s a real problem for merchants who sell CBD edibles, hemp, cbd oils, and other related products.  For brick and mortar CBD retailers, the two choices have been to use an expensive and clunky solution or to hide the fact that you are selling CBD products from your merchant processor, risking your business and their livelihood.  Many merchants like yourself  have no idea of the negative implications of getting caught selling a product that has not been approved by your credit card bank or processor.  They don’t realize that they could lose their merchant account and be put on a black-list, preventing them from being able to secure any sort of credit card processing in the future.  Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a problem for you any longer. Loma Solutions will work with you on setting up your CBD credit card merchant account and keeping it.


NOW, You Can Get a Merchant Account – Quick Approvals

Now, you no longer have to deal with the frustration that normally accompanies the process of searching endlessly for a payment processor or turn away customers, who want or need to use debit and credit cards anymore.  As we move closer to the end of this decade, the demand for CBD-related products is growing at a massive clip.  Furthermore, the case is strengthening regarding the full legalization of CBD products, derived from industrial hemp.  As these trends are emerging, we are witnessing a sea-change in the merchant acquiring banks’ and processors’ willingness to process credit card payments for retail and ecommerce merchants.

Merchants and consumers alike know the powerful benefits of CBD Oil and other CBD and hemp-related products.  Your Health and Wellness business needs a partner and a payment processor that understands your business and your needs.  CBD Payment Pros can now offer to CBD merchants the acceptance of credit card payments legitimately, compliantly, and efficiently, and at a reasonable price.   We are uniquely positioned to be your provider of CBD payment solutions and stand ready to serve the needs of today’s CBD merchants.


Why We Can Help with Your Credit Card Processing

Loma Solutions has tremendous experience working with CBD merchants, understanding what they have had to deal with in the past, as well as their unique needs and requirements.  Our team of underwriters is very familiar with the CBD space and what it takes to get merchant accounts approved.  This type of experience is invaluable in order not only to be able to get CBD accounts approved, but also to get it done in a timely manner.

We know you need to be able to keep your customers happy, and to do that you also need to be able to accommodate several payment methods. By working with CBD Payment Pros as your CBD merchant account solution, we will provide you with a credit card solution designed to meet your business’ needs and help your business grow.


You can also expect:

  • Full functionality debit and credit card processing

  • Compliance with all regulatory industry standards

  • Custom solutions, tailored to the needs of your business

  • Broad selection of card readers and POS systems for retail CBD businesses

  • Fair rates with no hidden fees for payment processing


Why We Can Help With Your Business Processing

Even if you’ve been told by others that your business is “too high risk to do business with”, Loma Solutions will always work with CBD merchants. We have options to explore that other processors just simply cannot provide do to our expansive banking partnership network. Because we understand the CBD business, we will address the idea of a unique solution that will meet your business’ needs and help your business grow.



The fact that most merchants want to immediately know the exact
credit card processing rates and fees they will incur is a reasonable
position and request. Nonetheless, our sales consultants are extremely
well trained and they know that a “one size fits all” approach is
absolutely not in the best interest of our merchants.


Setting up a merchant account is
a risky proposition, and this is a situation we want to avoid. We believe that success
is reached through well thought out actions. Please click on learn more,
below or call us at 312.373.0487 and one of our highly knowledgeable sales
consultants will connect with you immediately.



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