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0% Credit credit card processing for in-person or online


Accepting Credit Cards at 0% Cost

Our turnkey solution allows you to accept credit cards at no-cost, making you an additional 2.5% of your total credit card sales.  


Who do we work with?

1,000's of companies in the US: B2B, organizations/associations, professional service providers, retail, automotive, insurance, etc.


How do 0% credit card fees work?

When your customer decides to pay with a card, they have two options.  If they use a credit card, a small fee will automatically be charged to their card.  If they use a debit card, there will be no fee to the customer. Our software does all the work and explains to the customer of their choice prior to the transaction being authorized.


What exactly are the costs to the merchant and to the customer?

For credit cards: Merchant pays zero credit card fees, the customer pays 3.5% of the transaction

For debit cards:  Merchant pays 1% + $0.25/authorization, the customer pays 0 fees

There are no other fees


  • Credit card information can be typed on a phone, computer or over the phone.  There is a card swiper/dipper if needed.

  • Perfect for online sales, invoices, mailed-in applications or recurring payments.

  • No upfront cost, no term contract, no cancellation fee.

  • Complies with all card rules and regulations

  • You receive your money the next day 

  • You are being fair to your customers by offering them a choice to pay a fee or not, while you eliminate your credit card fees, which can be up to 3% of your total credit card sales.

  • Simple to use and all charges are viewable through our real-time online portal.  

  • Our solution is now legal via a decision at the US Supreme Court a few years ago which we were part of.

Let’s discuss to see if our solution will be a good fit for your business or organization!



The fact that most merchants want to immediately know the exact
credit card processing rates and fees they will incur is a reasonable
position and request. Nonetheless, our sales consultants are extremely
well trained and they know that a “one size fits all” approach is
absolutely not in the best interest of our merchants.


Setting up a merchant account is
a risky proposition, and this is a situation we want to avoid. We believe that success
is reached through well thought out actions. Please click on learn more,
below or call us at 312.373.0487 and one of our highly knowledgeable sales
consultants will connect with you immediately.



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